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Call it falling in love, because I did


​Call it a falling in love…

…because I traded my “thinking with my heart and loving with my mind” idea with a “thinking with my mind and loving with my heart” mentality.
 I let go of all my fears and embraced my wishes. I ditched keeping an eye out and became a “Sleeping Beauty”, I allowed my mind the privilege of resting.

I think I fell in love.

I think I’ve always wanted my life to be perfect and my fear of getting hurt turned me into a knight, always on my toes and too cautious to even let my guard down.
No guy could have ever attempted to try me out, I mean no guy wants to feel like an enemy in their own relationship.

So it wasn’t until I decided to swap my protective armour and steel boots for a dress and a pair of heels that I finally found my Mr Right. 
My Prince Charming. 

Not only did he rescue a damsel in distress but he also swept me right under my feet and had love knocking me down.
I mean no one can ever raise me to the same height as he has, no one could have me close me eyes and have me feel the world move around me.
…or hold my hand and have waterfalls flow right through my spine. No one could smile at me and have me naming stars theirs. 

He came into my life and had me believing that the moon was made from cheese, that with every “I love you” we say to each other the universe gives birth to a new star.

I know I fell in love.

With an incredible human being, a work of art. I think the word perfect never existed until he was born. With a smile that melts my heart and sends the juices to the moon and back, eyes that send chills down the spine of my soul making my spirits’ knees weak and a personality that sends electrical sparks that confuse the loving sh*t out of my brains?
I fell in love with amazing person.

God’s master piece.

Call it falling in love because I tripped, fell hard and became the happiest person alive.



Bonsai techniqued!


They thought clipping my wings would make me earthbound, but it only emancipated my urge to fly away.

They thought caging me up would stop me from growing, but what they didn’t know is that a simple cage could not serve as a bonsai technique and that I could never be bonsai’d, so it only made my inner self reach its full potential.

They thought tapping my lips would shut me up but now the words are in my head and my fingers served has interpreters of my speech because I long to be heard, they could never silence me.
They scarred my face and thought that with these scars I wouldn’t be seen but what they didn’t know is that my presence is felt before it can be seen and that all these scars can never change the thought of my presence when I chose to avail myself.
I believe that God placed me on this earth for a reason.
With my bubbly personality to revive weary emotions, my smile to give hope to hopeless souls, my hands to touch life into dying spirits and my words to guide those searching for the truth they’ll never find.
I believe I was brought into this world to show people the light they thought they could never own, to give them a taste of love they only read about in books and the happiness they only sang about.
…and personally I would like to help them feel the freedom they’re too afraid to dream of, touch the love they’re too shy to wish for and grasp a reality they thought only exists in their minds.
Let them know it’s not an idea but a possibility that could be brought to life.

I can never be bonsai’d!

The “final” note!


It wasn’t the end but only the beginning.

Her fears wrote a letter to her happiness in “final note” form and it went like:

“I want to go bungee jumping without ropes just to see how long it will take for me to reach the ground…

…or maybe cut myself real deep, just to see the amount of blood I have in me.

Might even stab my heart, I really want to see how deep the knife can go.

I want to go skydiving with no skydiving gear, I want to see how many seconds it takes for one to finally kiss the ground.

I’d overdose and start counting sheep but I’m afraid I might count to infinity and back.

Don’t tell me about pain because I believe there is no greater pain in the world than the pain I’m feeling now.

I need to escape, I need to be freed off this excruciating pain I’m feeling. I need to break free and finally taste eternal rest.

Death and fear don’t scare me no more. I’ve been afraid for too damn long and my courage says I should jump off the highest building just to really feel for the very last time.

…and I promise I’ll be smiling when I slowly burn out, I’ll make sure only my beauty is remembered.

I’m ready.”

…but now her world hadn’t been informed of such an implication. When the content had slipped off the fingers of her social networks,  they thought it was a suicidal note.

A final letter of demand from the troubled soul lurking within the ever-glowing contours of her imperfected silhouette.

Her world was wounded and scared by fears of the unknown whereabouts of her truths.

All that wasn’t really  necessary because what the world didn’t know is that it was only the end of her fears and troubles, and the beginning of success and eternal happiness.

Love so sweet…


I’m sitting here thinking to myself. If all these posts were a book I’d have to write and finish a new one before the year ends.

I mean all the posts my hand has written were the past and the present says all that was hurt, fear and sadness.

…and now all that seems so far away from my reach. It feels as if my heart will never taste the bitterness of all that negativity and maybe, just maybe I was too quick to write off happiness in my life.

As I sit right here. I remember all the tears I shed, the fear I experienced and the pain I’ve felt.

All I can do now is smile and thank God for the new experience, the new life where I’m proud enough to stand up and say “YES, I’VE TASTED THE SWEETNESS OF BEING IN LOVE AND I NOW KNOW THAT LOVE IS TAILORED FOR ME.”

I’m in love.

I think I’m in love…


You know what they say about searching?!

You don’t always find what you’re looking for.

…but then a while ago I went looking for Mr Right and came back with a broken heart and decided to call my search off.

…and only when I stopped searching,  Mr Right came and became my “Prince charming” I his “damsel in distress”.
He came looking, he found me and chose to rescue me.

See… my turn of believing in fairytales is now here and mine Moozie has chosen to became my fairy with a tale and teach me how to love.

Lord. I’ve never loved like this and with no doubt I’ve chosen to make ‘dangerous’ my favourite activity and went busking with my vulture.

Within minutes I’ve given him all the keys to my kraal, gave him all the trust and named him the protector of my virgin heart.
Risky? I know!

With my paint brush in hand I’m ready to write our tale. In all our favourite colours I’m ready to paint it loud enough for people to hear that,  not only am I yours but forever I’m yours to keep.

See… in him I’ve found a GOLDMINE and golddigging is no longer my favourite activity because now treasure has found a home in my kraal.

…and all my heart’s desires have  become activities of keeping a smile on his face and my tongue’s desires are letters of his name.

Man, I’ve found myself a man and in him I got lessons of loving carefully and carelessly at the same damn time.

I’ve fallen deeply in love and if this is how LOVE feels like, I don’t ever want to find myself on my feet again.

Golden Man


…and we sat there. Exhausted and out of breath. Not saying a word to each other.
Don’t get me wrong y’all. This wasn’t necessarily awkward silence, but thoughtful silence.
See…at this point the room was filled with our thoughts and words couldn’t find room to fit in.

You know that withdrawn feeling you get when regret finally strikes and you’re forced to accept your doings on some “what’s done, is done.” tip, because that’s exactly it. What’s done is done and it can never be undone.

See… At that moment all my ‘I think I love you’ thoughts turned into ‘I know I want you’ ideas and all my heart’s desires became the joys of wanting your physicated presence.

Your body became a mine and I a digger of GOLD earning myself thee title of relevance “GOLD DIGGER” and…No boy don’t get me wrong because your mine isn’t one with gold but one of gold and…Yes in my eyes you have no gold but were definitely made of gold.

Boy, with you I’ve found my treasure and be sure you’ll be treasured for as long as treasuring remains fashionable, as I lay my digging to rest because now all I’ve ever wished for I’ve found in you Golden man of mine.

I also went looking for Mr Right.


So… I went searching, looking for Mr Right but instead I found happiness.

Yes… Instead I found happiness. My BlaQed tailored happiness is what I found. With “Minx, I’m all yours” tattooed on its forehead I found it waiting for me, the princess to rescue it.

…because now it feels like my time of believing in fairy tales has arrived and this… (our fairy tale) is one with no happy ending, nor sad one because ours is one with no end.

“Meet me at the park.” he said. One crazy idea (My thoughts)! See, in my head he was testing me. He had taken over my thoughts and was now aiming at my heart. Slowly but surely he was going for it.

…but then again he only needed a few shots, because now my heart had already given in, my knees were bleakly weak and falling seemed quite easy. I couldn’t fight all the “yes, yes, yes!!!” thoughts no more and all my tickable boxes were all ticked up and now “Mr Right” was not a bold enough title for him because he was now perfect.

Oooh yes, perfect in my eyes this HAPPINESS was.

See… My mum had once told me to go looking for what makes me happy and at that moment I felt the need to let a guy in because I thought the forever searched Mr Right had happiness wrapped all around him and that he was my only shot at finding what was going to make me happy.

So… I took mum’s advise and went searching, for what makes me happy I mean my then Mr Right and found him (my happiness). See no other title could ever be bold enough to suit this man who’s only goal is to keep me happy because he knows how much I value happiness and that thoughts about guys like him are what inspire pieces like “BlaQed tailored happiness.” simply because their awesomeness could never run out.

So… I took off and went searching, looking for Mr Right but instead I found happiness!

BlaQed tailored HAPPINESS!


I always expect them to understand… Understand that BlaQed is an ass, her road ends here and she may never change.

I always want them to feel the need to coil up to my frustration.
Coil up to my needs and enslave themselves to making me happy.

“Hang your soul up in the sun to dry out because in my matriarchal dungeon, your soul is prohibited.” (My thoughts!)

So…they should crack and break their spines, letting their spineless bodies drop dead before me. Forcing them to lie on their tummies becoming my bridge and allowing me to cross over…

…crossing over to the other side because now all the souls on this side were left out in sun on the souling line to dry out and have now been biltonged.
“Bloody useless to this useful of fools who chose to break their spines. Leaving themselves spineless just to earn their right to enslaving themselves to me.”

I always expect them to understand…

…understand that BlaQed needs slaves who’ll imprison themselves in her matriarchal dungeon and await their turn to coil up to her needs and pledge to keep her happy…

…because happiness is all she’ll ever want. The rest is a bonus! 🙂