My favourite…


“My favourite shade of male is you and I swear that shall never change.”
I said and he just shook his head and smole.

I bet in his head I was starting with my craziness, but in mine ideas of another piece were already flooding and I knew what I was going to blog about next.

So I wheeled him in and explained.
“I mean, think about it.”
Was what I had to say to him next.

If men were a certain colour on the colour wheel and their bastardness a certain shade then babe you’d be my favourite shade.

If men were a certain car and their asshole qualities were features that set differences to models, then you’d definitely be my favourite model.

If men were cell phones and their foolishness the different models, then you’d be my favourite smartphone.

I mean if you guys were ice-cream and your manliness were the flavours, you’d definitely be “toffee-nut” my favourite. Hard to get but worth the search and the find is simply the greatest reward.

“Look, what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter in what kind of form you come but you’ll always be my favourite.”
….was the closing statement and he was defeated and already in tears.

…and this is how I made him cry with my craziness.


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