“I’m a taken woman…”


I said: “Hey,  look at me and get a boner.
See my smile and feel your heart melt.  I’m not just a girl but thee girl.”

…and he thought I was insane.

So… I said: “Look, you can easily hear my voice and wet your pants.
Look into my eyes and feel your knees get weak.
I’m not one of a million but one in a million, I know.”

…and he thought I was lying.

Then I had to say: “See… I could walk your way and have your heart jumping up and down…
…or simply touch you and have you thinking in tongues.
I’m not a typical human being but one you’d love to have in your life. ”

…and he thought it was my craziness speaking.

I then said: “Well, I could easily say your name and have the world move around you…
…or maybe blow you a kiss and have you build your world around me.
…because not only have I become your crush but in me you’ve found the girl of your dreams. ”

…and at the this point I had won his heart just to turn him down and remind him that I’m a taken woman.


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