Monthly Archives: September 2015

Lost love…


Can I write to Khumbul’ekhaya? …and have them remind you to khumbula ekhaya.
Because they say: “Home is where the heart is. ”
…and you once said I should always know that wherever you are your heart will always be with me.

Can I write to Relate?
…and have them help us and educate us on how to relate, because to me this relationship has no relation.
It’s just mutual distance with no direction.

Allow my to write to Love Back.
I need them to help me trace your emotions.
My love,  it seems like you’re gone and you can’t seem to find your way back.
I need to get my love back.

Can’t we take it all back to what it once was?
Can’t we start afresh and promise each other the world and all it’s made of?
Can’t you just go back to being the heart-entrepreneur you once was and sell me all the dreams in the world?

I wish I could just write to All You Need Is Love, ngoba wena sthandwa sami wang’lahla and I just know that all you need is my love.

Come home and find your love, my love.


“I’m a taken woman…”


I said: “Hey,  look at me and get a boner.
See my smile and feel your heart melt.  I’m not just a girl but thee girl.”

…and he thought I was insane.

So… I said: “Look, you can easily hear my voice and wet your pants.
Look into my eyes and feel your knees get weak.
I’m not one of a million but one in a million, I know.”

…and he thought I was lying.

Then I had to say: “See… I could walk your way and have your heart jumping up and down…
…or simply touch you and have you thinking in tongues.
I’m not a typical human being but one you’d love to have in your life. ”

…and he thought it was my craziness speaking.

I then said: “Well, I could easily say your name and have the world move around you…
…or maybe blow you a kiss and have you build your world around me.
…because not only have I become your crush but in me you’ve found the girl of your dreams. ”

…and at the this point I had won his heart just to turn him down and remind him that I’m a taken woman.

I think I’m in love…


You know what they say about searching?!

You don’t always find what you’re looking for.

…but then a while ago I went looking for Mr Right and came back with a broken heart and decided to call my search off.

…and only when I stopped searching,  Mr Right came and became my “Prince charming” I his “damsel in distress”.
He came looking, he found me and chose to rescue me.

See… my turn of believing in fairytales is now here and mine Moozie has chosen to became my fairy with a tale and teach me how to love.

Lord. I’ve never loved like this and with no doubt I’ve chosen to make ‘dangerous’ my favourite activity and went busking with my vulture.

Within minutes I’ve given him all the keys to my kraal, gave him all the trust and named him the protector of my virgin heart.
Risky? I know!

With my paint brush in hand I’m ready to write our tale. In all our favourite colours I’m ready to paint it loud enough for people to hear that,  not only am I yours but forever I’m yours to keep.

See… in him I’ve found a GOLDMINE and golddigging is no longer my favourite activity because now treasure has found a home in my kraal.

…and all my heart’s desires have  become activities of keeping a smile on his face and my tongue’s desires are letters of his name.

Man, I’ve found myself a man and in him I got lessons of loving carefully and carelessly at the same damn time.

I’ve fallen deeply in love and if this is how LOVE feels like, I don’t ever want to find myself on my feet again.

For a change he wanted to read about me.


He has recently laid eyes on my not-so-cooked blog and decided to scratch his way into knowing more than just a bit about me.

…but then the blog is just a scribble and not entirely about me, so he got nothing.

So he decided to go about the humanely manner of doing such and simply ask about me.

…and he asked a few questions and I’m willing to answer all of them so here goes.

If I was left with one wish in my whole life, I’d actually wish to be granted the opportunity of seeing how my future is going to turn out just to make better choices and change a few things about it.

If I had to spend the last two hours before I have a celebration of my biggest success with people, I’d actually spend it with people who didn’t help me get there. Give them a taste of having me around because they would definitely not be included in my future.

Who am I? Where do I come from with life and where have I been?  What makes me strong, happy and alive?

Well that’s easy… I’m Duduzile Hope Thembilihle Thabethe-Thabede, I’m a person who doesn’t believe in a lot of things but everything I can feel.
I value myself more than anything in the world.
I am still on a journey to finding myself and my purpose in life.

I don’t believe in dreams, but I do believe in making dreams come true.

I can’t say I’ve been anywhere with life because I’ve recently started living but every experience I’ve had in life I’ve treasured for it has made me the person I am today.

What makes me happy is knowing that I’ve managed to a smile on someone’s face and that I continue to make those who root for me proud.
What makes me happy is knowing that I mean the world to someone and I shall always be appreciated and remembered for my efforts.

What makes me strong is enjoying every single moment in life, learning from each and every experience, regretting nothing,  never allowing myself to dwell on the past and always forcing myself to move on.

I only live once,  so waking up a new person every morning is essential.

Love is an idea not a feeling.


Then “love at first sight”, now “love at best price”…
…because their potential is now measured by the price they’re willing to pay and how much love they’re willing to give.

I mean falling in love nowadays is quite simple. It is never magic or a miracle, it’s simply a choice we make.

You make a list of all the things you want in a man, you go looking for a few candidates, you analyse them, you choose the one who ticks the most boxes and you then choose to fall in love.

…but then you get ladies who only fall in love for a need. Those who make falling in love a money making business. Those who are normally considered gold-diggers, but who cares? I mean women need to make a living, so why not make a living out of the name of love?

See…their process is quite different. They they have standards and in order to met those standards you need to have money.
These women measure your potential with the price you’re willing to pay and the deeper your pockets, the deeper  love.

Feelings and emotions come at a price. Their motto: “Your money is my command.”

Right now I really think the world has created women who have chosen to love like men. I believe all women are soon to be dogs, men the victims and all our invisible posters are about to tell a different story because days of “broken hearted girls” are history.

…because now our love is an idea and not a feeling. It’s all in the mind and never in the heart.