I saved him…


“My love for you is very lustful with no emotional connection involved really.

For you my heart will never ever miss a beat because it has never ever felt your presence.

I wish I could say you make my heart beat but I can’t because you don’t but all you ever do is make “it” rain and believe me when I say that when it rains, it actually floods.

See… You don’t invade my thoughts but you actually invade my fantasies and all I ever fantasise about is your awesomeness.

You’re one of a kind, and definitely one of my kind you are. In a lustful way though.”

That was all I could say to him, in attempts to save him.

See… that to me, was a big enough boat to help him sail away from his lame ideas of him and I “loving each other forever”.

…because in my eyes he really needed to be saved.


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