Monthly Archives: June 2015

Priced love…


If it wasn’t for reality, I’d love carelessly. With my eyes closed I’d allow myself the great fall and choose to fall in love.

…but now reality has had me protecting and locking away my heart and actually forcing myself to love heartlessly.

See… like the rest my love isn’t emotional but financial. It has a price.

I don’t really want to hear your “I love you” stories but I just want to see how deep your pockets are and if they can actually carry our “relationship” to the end.

So…before you make a fool of yourself by declaring your “love” for me, simply flash your wallet before my eyes and I’ll let you know how much I’m willing to love you.

…because reality has schooled me and now I know that love isn’t really love if it doesn’t come at a price.


I saved him…


“My love for you is very lustful with no emotional connection involved really.

For you my heart will never ever miss a beat because it has never ever felt your presence.

I wish I could say you make my heart beat but I can’t because you don’t but all you ever do is make “it” rain and believe me when I say that when it rains, it actually floods.

See… You don’t invade my thoughts but you actually invade my fantasies and all I ever fantasise about is your awesomeness.

You’re one of a kind, and definitely one of my kind you are. In a lustful way though.”

That was all I could say to him, in attempts to save him.

See… that to me, was a big enough boat to help him sail away from his lame ideas of him and I “loving each other forever”.

…because in my eyes he really needed to be saved.