Beauty qualities.


Beautiful… In my mind “be you” and the full tea doesn’t really matter because I’m not really a tea fan.

…but really, that’s what beauty really is to me. Being you!

Accepting and loving yourself for who you are, and that means settling with your inner self and not allowing anyone to change your ideas about your journey in life.

…but then again I can never be beautiful enough, because society has chosen to own beauty rights and make our conscience its playground.

Setting up a list of qualities to qualify you the right to being beautiful, because now not everyone can be beautiful.

Long fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails, light skin, make-up, implants of breasts and other “attractive body parts” are part of the qualifying criteria.

…and if you lack any of those you don’t really qualify as being “beautiful”.

So…Now I, with my afro’d hair, real eyelashes, thick eyebrows, dark skin, Vaselined face and “skinny” self will never ever be “beautiful” enough in their eyes.

…because all my qualities don’t qualify.


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