Like a stubborn old oak tree I refuse to fall.


With my broken heart in place I stepped up to him and said: “Man, forget about loving me. Just snap out of that thought. See…I can never allow you that chance, because like the rest, you might just fail to love me correctly.”

…but now with my warm inviting smile he thought I was joking.

So…He got closer, in attempts to save me from my “pain – embellished” thoughts.

…and I screamed: “Nigga please! Step away from me, come on yo. Make like the tree and leave, can’t you see that I don’t wanna be saved?”

See…now at this point his undersized ego was a big enough blindfold to blind his eyes from the truth. I mean this guy here was too blind to see that this girl doesn’t wanna be saved.
He was too blind to see that he is not needed in my life and that his presence in my life is not really essential.

See…Every step he took getting closer to me was a pledge to his “master-race” to enter my life and play Superman but now this stupid guy didn’t understand that I don’t want uSuperman I just want my simple man.

Like the rest he thought I was being stubborn, but I actually wasn’t. I was just being true to myself and standing my ground.

Not giving in to their ideas about me and who I am. Not allowing them the chance to determine my happiness and clearly not falling into this love trap that has them tripping girls hard.

…because now, like a stubborn old oak tree I refuse to fall.

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