Finally free!


I wish my silence was loud enough to buy me your attention.
I wish my tears were enough to drown your ignorance.

…but now those are just wishes and reality says you can never care enough to notice the scars left by your absence in my life.

I wish I knew why you promised to stay by my side forever when you knew very well that your “forever” was just a few weeks long.

I could never understand how you steal someone’s heart with no other intention but to just break it apart.

…but then again my lesson I’ve learnt and you know what they say about lessons learnt the hard way – they’re never forgotten -.

See…my lesson I’ve learnt and it’s all thanks to you. You have not destroyed me but you’ve emancipated me from the silly traditions of longing for love.

I am free and I shall never allo. w LOVE to set a price tag on my happiness.

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