…because he’s amazingly appetizing.


“…because he’s amazingly appetizing.” seemed to be a ‘good enough’ punch line to get all those forever losing competitors off his back. I mean talking didn’t seem enough to give them the idea that they can never be good enough for me.

Here I was always explaining myself to vultures with cotton-picking brains. Thinking about it I really don’t understand what I thought all the time when I felt the need to unveil myself to them.

How dare they compare themselves to this Golden Man of mine? How dare they look at themselves in the mirror and think they can ever get to his same height.

I mean this man of mine is too damn perfect in my eyes and I mean no one can ever come to his level. 

With his miraculous eyes that often stare deep into my soul, his touch? Well… His touch always sends electricity signals down my spine. His voice is the type of voice that sends one to heaven and back, nigga that man is made of GOLD and trust me when I say that I’m a despiser of golddiggers but for him I ignored the ways of a treasuring pirate and became the digger of gold you can call me a GOLDDIGGER I no longer mind.

So…please! Step back and retrace your steps because your journey to winning my heart is clearly the wrong route, for my heart is no longer up for grabs and if you dare ask me that “Why him?” question again, just know that my answer will always be “…because he’s amazingly appetizing.

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