Mend his heart, just to break it apart!


Mend his heart just to break it apart because “all men are the same” and all of them shall pay for the sins of one.

“Don’t mess with a broken-hearted girl” is what I always tell these vultures but they never seem to listen because they’re men and they somehow seem to think that they’re stronger than us ‘women”…
…stupid. I know!

..but now it’s our time to teach them a lesson. Let them understand that like humans we also feel pain. Let them know that like them we also need to be listened to. Let them see that our voices matter as much as theirs and that EMOTIONALLY we’re stronger and much more dangerous.

So…now the plan is for us to go poaching for all the “broken-hearted” men, mend their hearts just to break them apart and have them singing the “all women are the same” song, like we have for decades.

…because now, like never before we demand to be respected.

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