Monthly Archives: April 2015

Just one day!


One day I shall go Batista on these spineless niggas who do nothing but chill at corners making our lives difficult.

One day I’ll take one for the sistahs, become a hero and save the day.

…because one day I’ll make them swallow their whistle, I’ll make them choke on their childish remarks, feed on their unwanted comments and learn that a woman is not to be belittled but to be respected and worshiped.

One day I shall teach them the ways of real men and I’ll make them understand that the fact that their father figures were short doesn’t give them the right to go around shortening theirs by acting like animals.

See… one day will be our day, because these vultures will learn to understand that women are important. 


…because he’s amazingly appetizing.


“…because he’s amazingly appetizing.” seemed to be a ‘good enough’ punch line to get all those forever losing competitors off his back. I mean talking didn’t seem enough to give them the idea that they can never be good enough for me.

Here I was always explaining myself to vultures with cotton-picking brains. Thinking about it I really don’t understand what I thought all the time when I felt the need to unveil myself to them.

How dare they compare themselves to this Golden Man of mine? How dare they look at themselves in the mirror and think they can ever get to his same height.

I mean this man of mine is too damn perfect in my eyes and I mean no one can ever come to his level. 

With his miraculous eyes that often stare deep into my soul, his touch? Well… His touch always sends electricity signals down my spine. His voice is the type of voice that sends one to heaven and back, nigga that man is made of GOLD and trust me when I say that I’m a despiser of golddiggers but for him I ignored the ways of a treasuring pirate and became the digger of gold you can call me a GOLDDIGGER I no longer mind.

So…please! Step back and retrace your steps because your journey to winning my heart is clearly the wrong route, for my heart is no longer up for grabs and if you dare ask me that “Why him?” question again, just know that my answer will always be “…because he’s amazingly appetizing.

Mend his heart, just to break it apart!


Mend his heart just to break it apart because “all men are the same” and all of them shall pay for the sins of one.

“Don’t mess with a broken-hearted girl” is what I always tell these vultures but they never seem to listen because they’re men and they somehow seem to think that they’re stronger than us ‘women”…
…stupid. I know!

..but now it’s our time to teach them a lesson. Let them understand that like humans we also feel pain. Let them know that like them we also need to be listened to. Let them see that our voices matter as much as theirs and that EMOTIONALLY we’re stronger and much more dangerous.

So…now the plan is for us to go poaching for all the “broken-hearted” men, mend their hearts just to break them apart and have them singing the “all women are the same” song, like we have for decades.

…because now, like never before we demand to be respected.

A dose of you on a Sunday afternoon.


A dose of a Sunday afternoon with you to last me the whole week because with you that’s all I’ll ever get.

You know I keep asking myself if this is really what love is and if it is… I actually pray to God I never fall in love again.

To me you’re either married or there’s simply a long list of us, with only one you to show up and please…which is not quite easy on your side or I’m simply the least important of them all.
Now choose your struggle and let me be at ease with my position in your life.

You could’ve been honest enough with me and told me it’s nothing but lust and having me deciding if I am to fall victim to your cold acts of adultery.

…but then no. You had to be selfish. Hook me on your riches, sell me dreams, build me a castle, name me its Queen and having me drowning in confusion.

Now I really don’t know what’s real. I don’t even know what you are to me but all I know is that, I don’t know what love is but what I feel for you must be love because I was once told that love hurts and man you must know that my feelings for you hurt like hell because you simply don’t care.

See…now I’m really fed up with all these lies and waiting for you to change because man like spots to a cheetah you’ll never ever change.

So this is me saying goodbye to all the “Mr Right” tailored Sunday doses of afternoons with you. Nigga I’m tired of competing and hoping for the best from you.