“You’re a pessimist.” (His words)


Thing is… These guys will never understand me.

See… I’m one who requires a man to want to know me. I want him to take his time when it comes to getting to know me.
Drop everyone and focus on me if that’s what it takes.
Cut all your ties and let your life depend on me if you have to.
Hide your tail and seek my tales because now getting to know me is very important.

…but then he chose to skip all that and depend on his thoughts about me. He chose to assume and hope that his assumptions are actually on point.

See… Now, the only time he took in efforts to knowing me was judging me and actually classifying me with the rest.

So in his mind, I’m a pessimist.
Nothing less than a lady carved off hardship.

…but then now try and understand that his only problem was my independence.
See…My independence was too selfish to allow him an advance to a stage where taking care of me was his everyday goal.

My independence was too self made to weaken and break down.
…because now everything I make, I perfect.

So…me being independent enough to find it hard to allow him to take control in my life pained him to the core and earned me my right to being a pessimist.

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