He made my independence his playground.


I’ve stopped meeting guys and have now allowed them the luxury of meeting me.

It doesn’t make sense. I know!

…but then think about it. What I’m saying is that. The smile I once flashed their way has now turned into a very unwelcoming stare that sends out a threatening message on some: “dare to approach me and die.”
My heart warming greetings are now diluted into blunt “this is the beginning and the ending of our conversation” hi’s.

“I ain’t got no time for no random chancer.”  Is what I preach to my lonely self all the time.

…but then this time around, with no intention to meet him, he actually met me.

With a lustful zest of wanting to be in complete control of my independence he met me. With an intention to hook me with his riches and make my independence his playground he met me.

Once independent – now dependent. Once a despiser of gold – now a digger of gold.
Call me a golddigger!

See…He saw me and he heard about me and decided to take a chance.

…and then stupid me had him winning and allowing him the change.
Allowing him to change my independence into his playground.

Flashing credit cards before my eyes like they ain’t nothing, throwing his money at me like it changes nothing and spoiling me with gifts like my life depends on it.

His words: “You’re only 19 and independence is not essential. You need to be taken care of and I’ve seen an angel in you… Now allow me to treat you like one. Your independence ends here.”

Pure balderdash if you ask me.

I stand with those who stand for independence and I shall fight for my own.

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