I dreamt a dream!


Last night I had a dream, and in my dream I formed part of a school of ladies marching and carrying feminine posters. Screaming “LADIES ARE US!”.

See…In my mind we’re all different and there’s like a million shades of us but in my dream we were all the same and the pink only came in one shade. I think what camouflaged our differences from my sight was our common goal and urge to be understood and respected for who we are.

Don’t get me wrong y’all… It was only just a dream but in reality I am not a lady but a woman and all my heart’s desires are of those who chose to deprive themselves of all the nicest things in the world and long for success.

…and I always say that I grew up in the presence of a system of women who form an orchestra of hard work that aligns itself with success.
Call them a million strings with one common courtesy.

So I had to make sure that I am with the rest and not one of the rest. I had to make sure that even with me screaming with them my voice is heard, I had to make sure that even with me walking with them I am seen and even with the same shade as the rest I had to stand out, shine and be noticed.

…because unlike the rest, my goal is not to be seen but to always be remembered. Even in my absence I want to be present.

Now…back to the dream!

See… In my dream we only marched for one goal and our goal was to be understood and accepted for who we are.

We expect men to understand that we’re women who never know what they want but always want it anyway. We expect them to anticipate our needs and always know what we want when we don’t.

We need them to understand that we’re sensitive and we need them to be strong for us.
We need them to understand that we want it all and we want it now.

See…In my dream we marched and screamed. Hoping to be seen and longing to be heard.

….but then it was only just a dream and my femininity would never allow me to march and scream.

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  1. I think once we stop settling… We can be happy and if not happy then be content with our lives. I always believe in the theory that our lives are so complex for one man to be a super man in our lives. But once you are content with the complications of your own life can you form a diverse life with another person. Till then, we shout and scream not knowing what we want. My 2 cents

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