Letter to the heartless.


Dear Stranger,

You have managed to make her an engineer of bridges and she has managed to build a bridge between heartache and heartbreak to help get over her heart’s break.
Oh… Yes. Her heart has taken a break, it was never her choice but she has learnt to accept, deal and live with it and it’s all thanks to you dear Stranger.

I’m writing this letter to help you see and understand her situation because when you had your turn with her she had to over stand your brutal situations.

Since you’ve built her a castle of “make believes”, sold her dreams and made her believe that she was the one for you as much as she knew that you’re the one for her. It still saddens me how blind you’ve managed to make her.

Using gifts and promises as a blindfold. Hiding away the truth and having her seek it every lie you’ve told.

You became the king of your castle and her the slave enslaving herself to keeping you happy. In hopes that you’ll stay in her life forever and you chose to toy with her kindness.

…but now I hope you find yourself a heartless somebody who’ll break yours into a million unrepairable pieces.
Forcing you to fall in line with them and be of the heartless.


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