…because my happiness is bigger than your man – ego.


His words: “I could never understand how you do it. Going around smiling like it doesn’t hurt, when you know very well that it kills you inside that I left.”

See… I knew at that very moment that those were his thoughts about me, so I simply smiled yet again.

Thinking to myself how naive he could be. I mean his disappearance could never stain my heart because my heart had never felt his presence. It really didn’t hurt me that he left, but I knew that my smiling actually killed him inside.

It was never my intention to hurt him or have him feeling irrelevant in any way, but my only intention was to brush if off, forget that he left
and move on with my life. At that point my happiness was the only thing that mattered to me and as I had pledged to myself that I’d never let anyone, let alone a guy have their filthy hands dug into my happiness because my happiness is self made.

So… I chose to smile and let him hang on his “she can never survive without me.” ego.
Making him feel and see that his role in my life was never that important.


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