Monthly Archives: November 2014

Golden Man


…and we sat there. Exhausted and out of breath. Not saying a word to each other.
Don’t get me wrong y’all. This wasn’t necessarily awkward silence, but thoughtful silence.
See…at this point the room was filled with our thoughts and words couldn’t find room to fit in.

You know that withdrawn feeling you get when regret finally strikes and you’re forced to accept your doings on some “what’s done, is done.” tip, because that’s exactly it. What’s done is done and it can never be undone.

See… At that moment all my ‘I think I love you’ thoughts turned into ‘I know I want you’ ideas and all my heart’s desires became the joys of wanting your physicated presence.

Your body became a mine and I a digger of GOLD earning myself thee title of relevance “GOLD DIGGER” and…No boy don’t get me wrong because your mine isn’t one with gold but one of gold and…Yes in my eyes you have no gold but were definitely made of gold.

Boy, with you I’ve found my treasure and be sure you’ll be treasured for as long as treasuring remains fashionable, as I lay my digging to rest because now all I’ve ever wished for I’ve found in you Golden man of mine.