Yesterday it actually made sense… I mean what they always say, that “goodbyes are never easy”.

After a week of bonding and catching up, my little sister had to go back to boarding school.
The thought was too hard to swallow and this time around it felt too painful to let her go. I mean I’ll barely survive 3 weeks without her. (My thoughts at that point.)

At that very moment all my “can’t wait for you to leave” thoughts were replaced with “can’t you stay a little longer” thoughts.

See… For years everyone around us had known that were fought like cats. Excusing it on some “bayalamana” tip.
It felt like everything she did was meant to annoy me and everything I did was meant to trigger her annoying tendencies.

A part of me used to despise a part of her and my whole being loved everything about her. I mean, after all we’re sisters and such was expected.

…but lately it feels like my whole life is now built around being more than just a sister to her but a best friend. I now anticipate her return and actually despise her leaving.

The separation did wonders to our relationship. I mean her boarding at school and me staying at home brought us closer. Daily phone calls to keep us sane, our pictures as memories to inspire smiles on our beautiful sun-baked faces and our anticipation to be together again just to keep the love going strong.

Every second I spend is priceless and saying goodbye to her hurts real bad and now it actually makes sense…

…because goodbyes are never easy and they actually do feel like they’re forever.


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