I also went looking for Mr Right.


So… I went searching, looking for Mr Right but instead I found happiness.

Yes… Instead I found happiness. My BlaQed tailored happiness is what I found. With “Minx, I’m all yours” tattooed on its forehead I found it waiting for me, the princess to rescue it.

…because now it feels like my time of believing in fairy tales has arrived and this… (our fairy tale) is one with no happy ending, nor sad one because ours is one with no end.

“Meet me at the park.” he said. One crazy idea (My thoughts)! See, in my head he was testing me. He had taken over my thoughts and was now aiming at my heart. Slowly but surely he was going for it.

…but then again he only needed a few shots, because now my heart had already given in, my knees were bleakly weak and falling seemed quite easy. I couldn’t fight all the “yes, yes, yes!!!” thoughts no more and all my tickable boxes were all ticked up and now “Mr Right” was not a bold enough title for him because he was now perfect.

Oooh yes, perfect in my eyes this HAPPINESS was.

See… My mum had once told me to go looking for what makes me happy and at that moment I felt the need to let a guy in because I thought the forever searched Mr Right had happiness wrapped all around him and that he was my only shot at finding what was going to make me happy.

So… I took mum’s advise and went searching, for what makes me happy I mean my then Mr Right and found him (my happiness). See no other title could ever be bold enough to suit this man who’s only goal is to keep me happy because he knows how much I value happiness and that thoughts about guys like him are what inspire pieces like “BlaQed tailored happiness.” simply because their awesomeness could never run out.

So… I took off and went searching, looking for Mr Right but instead I found happiness!


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