I made my mum, my muse!


I made my mum, my muse.

I let her inspire greatness into my droughted well of thoughts, encouraging the flow of juices into a stream of influx ideas. (My writing.)

I mean writer’s block has nothing on my Cinderella inspired piece. It was a no-brainer really.

See… Not only is she a princess in my eyes, but she’s a queen in my father’s eyes, a daughter to her elders, a mother to the world and uSes’Thembi wethu sonke because her loving accommodates all and I doubt it will ever run out.

See… This woman is a SHERO, she breathes life into dead hearts. Her thundered dimpled smile strikes lighting into heavy bearded hearts.
In my eyes a true definition of “ubuhle bendalo”. My Mama Afrika!

Gosh… Words can never explain the situation of my life when she invades my thoughts.

See… She’s like my “BlaQed” customized authenticated drug, I get high on her and I mean nobody could ever raise me to that same height.

So… I made my mum, my muse and an influx of inspired thoughts became a problem!

My Cinderella... <3

My Cinderella… ❤


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