For my mum, on her birthday.


“Writer’s block…” (I said.)

“BlaQed, find a muse.” (My thoughts.)

Argh… No-brainer. I’ll make my mum, my muse. I’ll take her on a “think” trip to the thought factory and let the cells of my brains feed on her heavenly being.
“Heavenly”? Oh yes, she is! Heavenly graceful my mum is.

Introduction to this graceful womb-man (woman):

To her elders – Bamudumazile Thembakalibulali Cynthia Sibiya-Thabethe
To those in her life – Ses’Thembi, a woman who gave birth to three but still mothers the world.
To me – My Cinderella, because Queens are known to grow old and die out, but princesses are believed to live “happily ever after”. (A beautiful cliché.)
To the rest – Thembeni Cynthia Thabethe, another strong-willed woman who works hard to keep her family intact.

That’s my mum!

So… After doing the usual tea in bed routine thingy with a “Happy birthday mum.” instead of “Good morning beautiful” little note on her tray reminding her that she’ll forever be beautiful in my eyes. I had to show her that I hadn’t forgotten her birthday and that everyone gets the “Happy birthday” text, but then she’s special so she deserves a hand-written note.

…but then that wasn’t enough and it could never be. I felt the need to do something special, let my efforts hit her below the belt and have her feel my genuine love for her because for her, my loving can never run out.

So I made my, mum my muse.

…and had her inspiring my written writing, by me the writee, I mean “writer” to her, for her birthday.

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