BlaQed tailored HAPPINESS!


I always expect them to understand… Understand that BlaQed is an ass, her road ends here and she may never change.

I always want them to feel the need to coil up to my frustration.
Coil up to my needs and enslave themselves to making me happy.

“Hang your soul up in the sun to dry out because in my matriarchal dungeon, your soul is prohibited.” (My thoughts!)

So…they should crack and break their spines, letting their spineless bodies drop dead before me. Forcing them to lie on their tummies becoming my bridge and allowing me to cross over…

…crossing over to the other side because now all the souls on this side were left out in sun on the souling line to dry out and have now been biltonged.
“Bloody useless to this useful of fools who chose to break their spines. Leaving themselves spineless just to earn their right to enslaving themselves to me.”

I always expect them to understand…

…understand that BlaQed needs slaves who’ll imprison themselves in her matriarchal dungeon and await their turn to coil up to her needs and pledge to keep her happy…

…because happiness is all she’ll ever want. The rest is a bonus! 🙂


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