Mxm. Men, please!


She said: “Khuzeka, ubenok’thula.” (Behave and have peace.)

…but how can I have peace when so many chancers are chancing in these streets?

Now UM’SHELO went from chazing to hlazing. A total shame if you ask me.

See… When our fathers did it (ukushela), their aim was to chaz’ (impress), because they were gentlemen and their manliness turned them into immune beings of boyish acts. Real men in my eyes!

…but now our generation feels that their doings should hlaz’ (oppress), because they’re “Real G’s” -in my eyes, a group of childish male figures whose standards are those of boyish acts- and their only goal is to oppress, repress, suppress and not impress because in their eyes gentlemen acts are gay. A stupid gesture, really!

So now I sit here wondering… “How can our generation be full of stupid, spineless fools who think that their manliness should actually be tested by doing everything that real men stand against?”

Beat her up – to prove that you’re the MAN, cheat and lie – …because MEN can get away with anything and everything. Ill treat her _…because how she feels doesn’t really matter to you. After all she should know that you’re a man and men don’t know feelings. So they say!

…but how dare you men? How dare you build your lives around making our lives a misery?
Poke until it hurts so bad I give in and accept that the poking will only stop when you see no need to poke no more, push until my STEADY turns into UNSTEADY and my knees feel the need to bend and bow down and worship your foolishness.
Have my spine coil up to your need to feel self-worthy.

Why? Is it because your father figure was too short and short made it impossible for you to lean how to be a real man?
…or maybe you’re just an ignorant fool who has chosen to turn a blind eye and not realize that we are women, spinefull chords of a musical of strings that form part of a system that has made you who you are because without us (women) you are nothing.

Man, you need me as much as I need you because without each other we are nothing!


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