“Baby, daddy is home.”


So instead of turning him down I decided to wheel him in.

See… Daddy had once decided to use the door and walk out. Like most “I’m not ready” fathers, he decided to open his eyes, see the door and walk out.

So it was through his actions that I had learnt that any guy can make a baby, but it actually takes a real man to own up to his responsibilities and raise one. A sad cliche, really!

…and now the world has squeezed every ounce of manliness within him, he’s back and he just decides to search behind walls off deceit, hurt and excruciating pain caused by his boyish acts of selfishness and unthoughtfulness.
Just to rock up and say: “Baby, daddy is home.”

See… Daddy chose to use the door and walk out on poor baby and mommy.
So… “Dear, daddy… You actually lost your “daddy” title when you decided to take off the “daddy” hat the moment you chose to walk out that door leaving poor mommy in tears. Leaving what was once a ‘home’ as a ‘house’ of pain.”

…but now, how does he say “Baby, daddy is home.”? When a “daddy” role is one he had chosen not to play? When he knows very well that a home is created by warmth and that all the warmth of this here home was taken away by him when he pierced through the comfort walls of my mother’s heart?

How dare he?

See… Mommy had to learn how to raise baby on her own, and baby had to learn to accept that daddy didn’t want her and that daddy never loved them.
“Daddy, I had to understand that mommy is all I will ever have.”

“So DADDY please… Your “daddy” role is not needed in our lives and it’s a little too late for us to play “happy family”.
…and our house is not a HOME, so you have overstayed your welcome. Kindly decide to open your eyes, see the door and walk out.

We don’t know you.”

I said! …because I had felt the need to not turn him down but to wheel him in and school him on how he had taught us to build walls around us.

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