So… He gave me PASSION. “Elaborate your thoughts on that.” he said.

…and so I chose to fall in line with the rest and be decent for a change. I took it to the thought factory and had the cells of my brains feeding on it.

See… Passion to me is unexplainable. It’s an unorthodox of an influx of emotions and feelings that fluctuate simultaneously. It’s an urge to have something or someone. The love you have towards someone or something.

See… Passion to me is the silent sound that has your whole being dancing and singing vigorously. It’s a certain element that instills a thought of wanting something and knowing that you have all it takes to get what you want.

See… To me, he’s passion because without meeting him I’d still be searching for what defines passion.

So, with him in mind I say passion is never ending love, an unquenched thirst, an unsatisfiable hunger and an enormous urge (to have something or someone in any way possible).

I think it’s a collection of “I need, I want and I’m going to get” thoughts. The feeling of deserving something and knowing you’ll keep it for as long as you can because you’re willing to do anything to have it.

Passion is fighting for something, loving, needing, wanting and feeling that you deserve it.
It’s an unexplainable desire.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you any less than that. Yes it is an urge to have something or someone.

    See I tend to believe that passion is saticefaction of what u are getting or feeling. It may give u a feeling of a desire to want something or a person more than what uve already gotten, but see… I don’t believe it to be hunger, but a thirst of something
    juicey that can be figurative considered.

    Passion is love.
    Passion is anger.
    Passion is sleep.
    Pasion is juice, dee!


    • Well… You can always have a passion for something you haven’t had as yet.

      So basically it depends on the context of the subject/topic.
      Whereby I chose to take it and elaborate it according to my situation at that very moment. I took it to thought and all I could think about was “desire, desire, desire”.

      So… All the other aspects of it didn’t really find a place within my thoughts at that MOMENT.


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