This girl, your weakness!


So the idea was to keep them coming. Anchor their souls to my greatness. Have them singing songs of praise with an intention to put a smile on my potholed face.
With no intention to catch them, have them falling and dropping to their weak knees.

See… My only plan was to keep them coming.

So I stepped out of my comfort zone with my short skirt and tight fitting top. My figure screaming “catch me if you can” because my legs already knew that even with their thundered speed their steps could never catch up with mine ‘coz no man could ever reach my standards.

…and so I had to check and see if my BLAQED, naturally flawed face was good enough to have them hooked when I threw around my potholed smile as I waved at their firm masculinity away.

Bear in mind that my only intention was to keep them coming.

So I stepped out, fell in line with the rest and became “the girl next door”. A pretty thing, a guy magnet and started attracting them. Had them coming and falling in line just to get curved because my intentions were not to catch them but to let them fall and drop to their weak knees.

Killing their “she’s mine” and “I can get her” egos.

Reminding them that our strength will forever be their weakness.

Girls rule!

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  1. Sometimes girls get so lost in the actuall happenings that they forget what the bigger picture have in store for ’em!

    And in way that conveys the diffrence there is between girls and women, dee.

    Being jugdmental sometimes can extend the journey of you getting what you want.

    Your weakness can also get to be my strength, with time or by knowledge!


    • Have you ever considered that maybe they just choose to only see pictures painted by their own doings and that maybe they just don’t care about pictures in the world’s gallery? That maybe they’ve chosen not to believe in the “bigger picture” because it has a tendency of only portraying what’s not good enough in their eyes?

      See… I agree, but not everyone sees social growth has an important milestone in ones life. Hence they choose to imprison their souls in girlish acts and not womanly tendencies.

      Some journeys have no time frame.

      Some actions require a few minutes, so my “2minutes” strength stunts wouldn’t give you enough time to know my weaknesses. 🙂


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