Her weave is not my goal!


I could never understand why society feels the need to encourage and motivate me to make her weave my goal.

See… For years I’ve battled to make my own skin the home of my own soul because all my life I have felt the need to conform to the standards set by society because my “type” could never be good enough in their eyes.

Oh yes… “Natural is a sin to humankind.
A shame to womankind
A disgrace to the sisterhood
And too much of a joke to mankind.”

Because artificial is the new beautiful and fake became the new authentic. I could never understand how we could go around looking for real men when all we are has become a definition of FAKE in capital letters and unbroken syllables.

See… The closest our kind could ever get to being free, is singing their shallow songs of freedom because even if freedom was given to them they could never see it, for their eyes have been blinded by their thick fake eyelashes.

They have imprisoned their souls in artificial prisons with:
Eyelashes as thick as brooms
Nails like the devil’s claws
Hair as long as the devil’s tail
Make-up like cake masks used to hide shame
Huge asses that go twerking for decades
…not to mention their fake breasts because their kind will never feel woman enough outside those artificial prisons.

So in order for me to be woman enough I had to trade my:
Afro for a weave
Clean cut nails for painted claws
My Vaseline cared face for a heavy caked mask
…because like them, my freedom is not to have but to sing about.

…But then the trade was no game for me because I had pledged to my ancestors to be proud of who I am, to honour where I come from and to never let society change who I am.

Oh Yes… I am woman enough within my own skin and I won’t give up the work I’ve put into building my own soul its home within this skin and I could never set goals to fall in line and be like the rest.

So… I beg to differ because HER WEAVE IS NOT MY GOAL.

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