Knowing him…


I said: “Hi, my name is Minnie and I’d love to know about you.”

Let me explain it to you.

When I first saw him, my life’s situation became a coleslaw salad in the middle of a “7 coloured” Sunday dish back in Ghettos -a complicated once in a while experience-.

Mixed emotions, confused feelings and disfigured actions became a part of my life.
I started planning.

Burning my own rules without regret and constantly fearing the outcomes.

His presence took over baba, and life became a fairytale (a dream come true).

He filled my heart with joy. My thoughts were invaded by his presence and all my tongue’s desires became the letters of his name.
I found myself uttering his name out of the blue.

My actions were the dictionary.
Defining the feelings of confused ‘love struck’ beings.
Him and I defined what love was (in my world of course).

I saw the sight that portrait (him) and I was blessed.

So I was wondering if he could kindly let me know about him.


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